Kintamani and Ubud Tour: Where Sightseeing and Culture Unite

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kintamani and ubud tour

Are you excited for an unforgettable adventure in Bali? A Kintamani and Ubud tour promises a remarkable experience, blending the scenic beauty of Kintamani and the cultural charm of Ubud. Get set for a journey filled with natural wonders, artistic treasures, and a taste of Bali’s rich heritage


Kintamani is a gem in Bali’s crown, renowned for its breathtaking views of Mount Batur and its caldera lake. The highlight of Kintamani is undoubtedly the majestic Mount Batur, an active volcano that offers a rewarding hiking experience for the adventurous. If hiking isn’t your cup of tea, simply savor the panoramic vistas from one of the many hillside restaurants while enjoying a delicious meal.

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Ubud is a cultural gem, graced by lush greenery and terraced rice paddies, making it the beating heart of Bali’s artistic and traditional heritage. This vibrant town is renowned for its rich cultural tapestry, encompassing art galleries, traditional music, local markets, and the playful inhabitants of the Ubud Monkey Forest, offering a captivating and immersive experience of Bali’s artistic and traditional heritage.

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kintamani and ubud tour

Kintamani and Ubud Tour – Places to Visit

For a memorable Kintamani and Ubud tour, here’s a carefully selected list of must-see places that will help you make the most of your Bali adventure.

Traditional Barong Dance

Start your day with the mesmerizing Barong dance, a traditional Balinese performance that narrates a mythical battle between good and evil. The intricate costumes and dynamic storytelling make this a captivating experience.

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Traditional Batik Factory

At the traditional batik factory, witness the ancient art of batik making come to life. Marvel at the meticulous process of creating intricate designs on fabric using wax and dyes.

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Stone Carving – Batu Bulan

Batu Bulan is famous for its stone carvings, a crucial part of Balinese culture. Observe skilled artisans transform blocks of stone into exquisite sculptures, each bearing a unique cultural significance.

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Silver and Gold Smiths

Visit silver and goldsmith workshops to witness the intricate craftsmanship behind Balinese jewelry. From delicate filigree work to bold designs, you’ll be in awe of their creations.

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Traditional Balinese House or Tegenungan Waterfall

Choose between a glimpse into traditional Balinese architecture or a refreshing visit to Tegenungan Waterfall. The traditional house offers insight into Balinese family life and design, while the waterfall provides a cooling escape surrounded by lush greenery.

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kintamani and ubud tour

Wood Carving – Mas Village

Mas Village is renowned for its wood carving, and you can explore the artistic mastery of these talented artisans. From religious figures to intricate masks, the attention to detail is astounding.

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Tirta Empul Holy Spring

Tirta Empul is a sacred temple complex featuring a holy spring. Many visitors partake in a purification ritual by bathing in the crystal-clear waters, offering a unique spiritual experience.

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Art Galleries

Dive into the artistic scene of Ubud by visiting local art galleries, showcasing an array of styles and mediums. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase or simply appreciate the remarkable works of Balinese and international artists.

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Ubud Royal Palace

Step into the heart of Ubud’s history and culture by exploring the intricate architecture of the royal palace. Don’t miss the traditional Balinese dance performances often held in the palace courtyard.

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Elephant Cave Temple

Discover the enigmatic Goa Gajah, an ancient temple complex dating back to the 9th century. The cave entrance is adorned with intricate stone carvings, and the site offers a glimpse into Bali’s mystical past.

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kintamani and ubud tour

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Marvel at the iconic Tegalalang rice terraces, an exquisite example of Bali’s agricultural ingenuity. The terraces are not only a visual delight but also a testament to the harmonious relationship between nature and agriculture.

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Bali Swing

Experience an adrenaline rush as you soar high above the lush jungle canopy on a Bali swing. It’s a thrilling way to enjoy the scenic beauty of Bali’s landscapes from a different perspective.

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Bali Coffee Plantation

Sip on aromatic Balinese coffee and explore the coffee-making process at a local plantation. Learn about the cultivation and processing of coffee, and savor the unique flavors of Bali’s coffee varieties.

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Kintamani restaurant with Mount Batur and Lake View: End your day with a sumptuous meal at a Kintamani restaurant that offers a spectacular view of Mount Batur and its serene caldera lake. It’s the perfect way to relax and reflect on the beauty you’ve encountered throughout your Kintamani and Ubud tour.

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The list of places to visit above offers a tantalizing array of options, but it’s important to note that it’s not feasible to cover them all in a single day. Bali’s charm lies in taking your time to savor each experience, and the travel between these incredible destinations can be time-consuming. So, prioritize the places that pique your interest the most, ensuring a leisurely and fulfilling exploration of each site on your Kintamani and Ubud tour. After you’ve made your choices, feel free to reach out to us to discuss the feasibility and plan your ideal itinerary. Reach out to us Today!

So, there you have it – a Kintamani and Ubud tour that serves up a delightful slice of Bali’s beauty. Remember, you can’t see it all in a day, but that’s the charm of it. Pick your faves, and if you need help crafting your dream Bali adventure, just drop us an email. Get ready to dive into the best of Bali and make memories to last a lifetime on this awesome tour.

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