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how to find cheap flights to bali

Dreaming of a tropical getaway to Bali with budget-friendly flights? You’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore how to find cheap flights to Bali, discuss the advantages of flight comparison tools, and provide you with an extensive list of international flights to Bali from various countries.

How to Find Cheap Flights to Bali

Flexible Dates

Finding cheap flights to Bali often starts with flexibility. Here are some additional tips to make your flight search even more budget-friendly:

Mid-week Flights

Consider flying on weekdays rather than weekends, as prices tend to be lower. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are often the cheapest days to travel.

Off-Peak Seasons

Bali has high and low seasons. Traveling during the low season can result in significant savings. These periods usually have fewer tourists, which means lower prices on flights and accommodations.

Red-Eye Flights

Overnight or red-eye flights are often cheaper since they are less popular. You can save money and maximize your time by sleeping during the flight and waking up in beautiful Bali.

Use Fare Alerts

Sign up for fare alerts on airline and travel websites. They’ll notify you when prices drop for your chosen route, helping you snag a deal as soon as it’s available.

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how to find cheap flights to bali

Flight Comparison to Bali – The Benefits of Flight Comparison Site

Why Flight Comparison Sites Matter

Flight comparison websites like can be your best ally in the hunt for affordable Bali flights. They aggregate information from multiple airlines and booking agencies, saving you time and money.

Flexible Search Options

These platforms allow you to tailor your search based on budget, preferred travel dates, and nearby airports. You can refine your search to find the best deals, making your journey more cost-effective. Search for Cheap Flights

Price Alerts

Flight comparison sites typically offer price alerts, notifying you when fares drop. This feature keeps you informed and helps you grab a great deal when it becomes available.

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how to find cheap flights to bali

International Flights to Bali

So, you’re all set to jet off to Bali from different parts of the world? Awesome! Here’s the lowdown on international flights to Bali from some fantastic countries:


If you’re chilling in the good ol’ USA, guess what? Bali is just a flight away, my friend. You can snag flights to Bali from major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and more. Airlines like Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, and others have your back. Your path to Bali starts right here in the States, and it’s easier than scoring a slice of apple pie.

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For all you cool cats hanging out in the UK, you’ve got a bunch of ways to catch a flight to Bali. Just pick your favorite British city – London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh – and hop on board. British Airways, Qatar Airways, and other carriers will whisk you away to Bali. Plus, with multiple airports serving Bali, you can choose the one that suits your mood best. Bali’s just a skip, hop, and a jump away.

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Bali might not have direct flights from Canada, but that’s no biggie. You can make it work with a couple of connecting flights through some rad Asian cities – think Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vancouver, and more. Air Canada, Singapore Airlines, and others are all in on the action, making your journey to Bali as smooth as sippin’ on maple syrup. Don’t worry, Bali’s closer than you think.

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Our awesome Aussie mates, you’re in for a tropical treat. Bali is practically in your backyard. It’s just a quick flight from various Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. Airlines like Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, and Garuda Indonesia offer multiple flights daily. Bali is a top pick for Aussies, and with so many flights and airports, it’s a breeze to get there. Bali’s calling, mate!

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New Zealand

If you’re hanging out in New Zealand, Bali is just a skip, a hop, and a jump away, no worries, bro. Travelers from New Zealand can find flights to Bali from cool cities like Auckland and Wellington. Airlines like Air New Zealand and Emirates have you covered. With your pick of airports, you’re not far from that Bali sunset you’ve been dreaming of. Grab your jandals and get ready for an epic journey. Bali’s waiting for you!

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Dutch globetrotters, you’re in luck! You can jet from Amsterdam to Bali, thanks to airlines like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Emirates, and others making it happen. With Amsterdam Schiphol Airport’s extensive network, you’re just one flight away from Bali’s warm beaches and vibrant culture.

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Guten Tag! If you’re in Germany, you have several ways to get to Bali. You can access flights from cities like Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin. Airlines like Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, and others serve these routes, making your journey a piece of Black Forest cake. Whether you’re exploring Germany’s historic landmarks or just catching a flight from your nearest airport, Bali is closer than you think.

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Hola, amigos! Spanish adventurers, Bali is calling your name. You can snag flights to Bali from cities like Madrid and Barcelona. Airlines like Qatar Airways, Emirates, and others offer convenient routes to this tropical paradise. So, whether you’re exploring Spain’s vibrant cities or starting your journey from the Spanish coast, Bali is your next stop for adventure and relaxation.

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Bonjour, mes amis! If you’re in France, you’ve got several options to get to Bali. You can hop on flights to Bali from places like Paris and Lyon. Airlines like Air France, Qatar Airways, and others have got you covered. With France’s well-connected airports and frequent flights to Bali, your next adventure awaits you. Bali’s cultural richness is just a flight away.

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Swiss wanderers, listen up! You can catch flights to Bali from rad cities like Zurich and Geneva. Airlines like Swiss International Air Lines, Qatar Airways, and others are your ticket to paradise. Switzerland’s efficient and well-connected airports ensure that you’re just one flight away from Bali’s tranquil beaches and lush scenery.

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Здравствуйте, friends from Russia! You can catch flights to Bali from cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. Airlines like Aeroflot, Emirates, and others offer convenient routes. Whether you’re exploring Russia’s historic landmarks or starting your journey from Moscow or St. Petersburg, Bali’s natural beauty is just a short flight away.

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So, with this chilled-out list of international flight options, you’re well on your way to discovering how to find cheap flights to Bali. The world is your stage. Wherever you are, be it a bustling city or a quiet village, the key to uncovering budget-friendly flights lies in your travel-smarts. So, get set for your adventure, and become skilled at finding affordable flights to Bali, all while keeping your wallet in good spirits. Bon voyage to Bali!

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