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3 day yoga retreat bali

Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and dive into a transformative journey with BaliReal Retreats. Over the course of a rejuvenating 3-day yoga retreat in Bali, surrounded by lush landscapes, this experience invites you to unwind, destress, and reconnect. Immerse yourself in the ancient practice of Watukaru yoga as we explore the captivating offerings of holistic wellness and self-discovery in the heart of Bali.

Exploring the Retreat Adventure:

Immerse yourself in the sacred realms of Balinese Watukaru yoga, a practice deeply rooted in tradition. The retreat opens doors to one of the oldest spiritual ashrams globally, providing a unique opportunity to connect with the authentic essence of this ancient discipline. Let the energy of BaliReal Retreats guide you towards a deeper understanding of your inner self.

3-Day Yoga Retreat Bali: Nourishing Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Begin a Transformative 3-Day Retreat in the Heart of Bali, as BaliReal Retreats Invites You to Nourish Your Body, Mind, and Soul. Beyond the traditional yoga practice, indulge in experiences that elevate your well-being.

Blissful Spa Treatments

Indulge in a pampering experience that goes beyond the mat. BaliReal Retreats offers blissful spa treatments, designed to melt away tension and rejuvenate your entire being. As you surrender to the skilled hands of experienced therapists, feel the stress dissipate, leaving you in a state of blissful tranquility.
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Magical Shamanic Healing and Blessing Ritual

Experience a profound spiritual cleanse with Shamanic healing and blessing rituals. These ancient practices, unique to BaliReal Retreats, are designed to purify and replenish your soul. Let the magic of these rituals awaken a sense of balance and harmony within, setting the stage for profound personal growth.
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Excursions That Enrich

Beyond the yoga mat, BaliReal Retreats invites you to explore the vibrant culture of Bali. Engage in natural coconut oil making, partake in jungle trekking adventures to discover hidden waterfalls, savor a Beach BBQ, or find your center with beachside yoga. These cultural excursions complement your yoga practice, offering a holistic approach to well-being.
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3 day yoga retreat bali
3 day yoga retreat bali

Accommodation: Comfort Nooks Getaway

Your retreat stay promises an authentic Balinese experience, offering a choice between homestay or guest house bungalow accommodations.

Situated in the heart of Sesandan Megati Village, you’ll discover yourself surrounded by serene rice paddy farmlands, creating a tranquil backdrop to your rejuvenating escape.

The accommodations, whether homestay or guest house bungalow, provide a genuine taste of Balinese living. Conveniently located just a short 5-minute drive or a leisurely 10-minute walk from the retreat center, you’ll enjoy a peaceful transition between your retreat activities and your comfortable abode.

Shuttle services are thoughtfully provided, ensuring a seamless connection between your chosen accommodation and the vibrant heart of the retreat center.

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3 day yoga retreat bali


Escape the tourist hustle and immerse in the love for Traditional Balinese Watukaru yoga in a tranquil village setting. Rooted in ancient wisdom atop Mount Watukaru, this practice emphasizes meditation, inner energy flow, and self-love.

Explore Pasraman Seruling Dewata, one of the world’s oldest spiritual ashrams, to delve into the 13 original yoga styles from the Himalayas. Beyond daily yoga and meditation, engage in village activities like rice farming, beach BBQs, and waterfall purification, fostering a cultural exchange with like-minded individuals.

In Sesandan’s tranquil village, experience an authentic Balinese Hindu cultural blend with yoga and self-love. Baliuma Retreats eagerly awaits to welcome you, fostering personal growth in this haven of peace.

Start a transformative 3-day retreat in Bali with BaliReal Retreats, Check out the program today!

In just three days, BaliReal Retreats provides a gateway to authentic Balinese culture and holistic wellness. It’s more than a retreat; it’s an opportunity to expand your perspectives, connect with your inner self, and redefine what relaxation truly means. Through yoga, meditation, chakra opening, and pranayama practices, BaliReal Retreats invites you to undertake a journey of self-discovery and renewal. Come, relax, recharge, and let the serene landscapes and ancient traditions guide you towards a profound sense of well-being. BaliReal Retreats eagerly awaits the chance to meet you and grow together on this transformative journey!

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